Professional Prints are Superior

I know I go on about how important it is to print photos, but equally as important is that they are printed professionally. You’ve just made an investment in memories, so why would you cheap out at this point and get subpar artwork? The print labs I use to produce your products are only available to professional photographers and as such, come at a higher cost and require additional formatting. My computer screen has been calibrated to match the brightness and color profile of my lab so prints and artwork come back exactly as you’ve seen them during your reveal. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of why professional prints are worth it.

Color Integrity

Professional photographers spend a lot of time perfecting the color profile and tones of their images, and professional print labs have the capabilities to maintain color integrity that Walgreen’s and Target do not. In the before times, when we could actually meet face to face freely and without worry, I had a comparison board in my studio of my professional prints and prints from several popular printers, so you could see the difference first hand. Below is a photo of that board, which of course is not as impactful as seeing it in real life, but it gets the point across.

Print Quality

My print labs only print on archival quality materials to ensure long lasting prints and wall art. Many products include a special UV coating to protect from sun damage and fading. Print quality guarantees that your photographs are what stands out and not the workmanship or the medium. Your images should be the star of the show here, not the weird green hue of dad’s face or why the backdrop looks vaguely pixelated. I want your images to stand the test of time and be the most beautiful thing on your wall.