When is the Time Right?

The biggest barrier to scheduling your sessions has to be knowing when to do it. The timing is important in many ways but the most significant is preparation. We both need some time to get ready for these things. Maybe you have a schedule that needs coordinating and paying attention to, so scheduling ahead of time is great for you. You know when it’s happening and you can plan around things. On my end, preparing for you session looks like ordering gowns, accessories, creating custom stuffies for your newborn, set ups and so on. Each type of session has its own individual timing and for different reasons. So let’s get into it!

Scheduling Your Maternity Session

My preferred time to shoot maternity sessions are between 30-36 weeks, that means you should probably be reaching out sometime during your second trimester. If I don’t have a gown you love, I’ll need time to order one and many of my favorite maternity gown designers make gowns as they’re ordered. The other reason for this timing is I want you to be comfortable during your session and not a lot of us make it past 36 weeks before starting to feel like a minivan who has to pee all the time. We also don’t want to do your session too early and not be able to see that glorious bump. It’s a delicate balance between a bump that’s too small and too big for comfort!

When to Schedule Your Newborn

Newborns are best photographed between 5-20 days. It’s when they’re sleepiest and still flexible from being curled up in your belly. Again, a delicate balance between too early and too late. A lot of us have some trouble with nursing or figuring out feeding in general, so before 5 days is a bit much to push on a new mom. Remember, 5 days old is only 3 days home from the hospital (if you’re lucky!) A sleepy baby is a happy, posable baby. As a professional newborn photographer, I’ve been trained to pose newborns safely and will never put your baby in a position or pose she doesn’t want to be in but the older the baby, the less likely they’ll put up with me moving them around while they’re trying to get some sleep.

What About Milestones?

Milestone sessions are so named because they are meant to document milestones. Duh, right? So don’t rush these things and wait until babe is holding their head up or sitting up unassisted, depending on the age. I like to wait at least two weeks before scheduling a session after they reach the milestone, just to give them a little time to perfect their technique. And let’s be honest, no baby sits up and then starts crawling two weeks later. There are a lot of things that need to happen between sitting and crawling, so you’ve got a solid grace period.

And Family Sessions?

Family sessions are different. Schedule them when it’s convenient for you. I recommend giving yourself some time to get outfits together, in case you need to go shopping or digging through closets. Don’t stress yourself out trying to get everything ready in two days, that’s no fun for anyone. Other than that, I love Fall and Summer for settings, so consider the time of year when thinking about a family session.

Any other concerns about scheduling and I can help! Just send me a quick contact form and I’ll do my best to advise!