What Makes a Great Image of Kids

Everyone wants nice pictures of their kids, right? I know I can never have enough photos of my son. He’s adorable. Big blue eyes, curly hair, big happy cheeks when he smiles. Unfortunately, he’s got Photographer’s Child Syndrome and he will NOT smile for me. But if another photographer says smile, he’s ear to ear. Over the years I’ve perfected how to make other people’s kids laugh and smile, mostly by making a fool of myself, which I am not afraid to do in public or in studio. And the kinds of images we’re aiming for are not sit still and smile photos. I want big, goofy grins and double chins and eye crinkles.

How to Get Kids Into a Photoshoot

One of my go-to strategies for getting kids excited for their photoshoot is to get them to play games. If they’re focused of having fun—as we all should be, really—they’re less likely to notice me snap snapping away off to the side. During your family session, I’ll likely have your kids run around you in circles or sneak up on your when you think you’re doing a couple shot. There’s nothing cuter than two little ones jumping on your back for a big bear hug! The smaller the kid, the easier the laughs. Sometimes all they need is the anticipation of a tickle, or a sudden peek-a-boo. I also maintain several long feathers in my studio perfect for toe-tickling from a distance. That always gets them. Occasionally, we have to make fart jokes. It happens. I’m not ashamed. Like I said, I’m ready to make a fool of myself.

Happy Images Bring Happy Memories

The whole point of doing family photography sessions is to document your family as they grow. With that in mind, I want to capture the essence of how your family interacts. We’re here to have a good time and make some memories, dammit! Get goofy, get wild, get weird—I’m not here to judge, I’m here to chronicle your journey. Let’s get weird together!