Prints not Pixels

I absolutely love offering artwork of your gorgeous session. It really is so much more rewarding to see clients’ images printed beautifully and ready to display. One thing I hear a lot, however, is how do we know what size to order? This is one of many reasons I like to help clients order artwork instead of just abandoning them once images are delivered. I know it can be daunting trying to curate a wall of artwork, but I’m here to help!

Size Matters

The easiest way to figure out what size to order is to bring a picture of a piece of printer paper taped to the wall you’re planning to hang your artwork on. This way I can estimate what size would look best of your wall. Most people immediately think of 8x10s as a “large print,” but realistically anything smaller than 16×20 looks dinky on most walls on its own. A gallery wall is a whole different story, but we’ll get there in a minute. When you’re choosing a piece to stand alone as a feature, it’s important to get the proportions right or your piece is going to be less statement and more side note. The other important thing is that artwork hangs roughly at eye level for maximum impact. I prefer there to be less than half the width of the artwork on either side. So if you have a 30×40 canvas, ideally there would be less than 20 inches of empty wall on either side of it. This just makes sure there is more art to focus on than wall.

Mix n’ Match

Gallery walls are a completely different strategy. With gallery walls, you can have a little more leeway in that you’re really trying to curate a vibe more than a centerpiece. I like gallery walls to have one or two larger pieces surrounded by smaller prints and other little art pieces. One 16×20 or two 11x14s are a great way to start. Then you can add some matted 5x7s and you’re off! Personally, I prefer an asymmetrical gallery wall, but it’s all down to your own personal preference. Either way, a folio box paired with a moderately sized wall art is the perfect start to a gallery wall.

My friend Shanthi also has a great blog about how to choose wall art for you home, check it out here!