What Happens If They’re Fussy?

Parents always ask me what we do if their baby is fussy when they show up for their session. And truthfully, babies are almost always fussy when they arrive. Babies are fussy, it’s what they do. They’re trying to figure out the world and they’ve only had a few days so far. Everything is weird and now they’re in yet another new environment. So, we pretty much start every session the same way, regardless of how baby is feeling, because most of them are fussy anyway. All newborn sessions are baby led, meaning we only pose baby how baby is happy to be posed and we go with their vibe. If that means baby doesn’t want to be undressed, then we stick to wrapped. If baby doesn’t want to be wrapped, we stick to table poses. If baby is sleepy as and doesn’t care, then we go ham. Baby is in charge here. And that was never truer than with this little guy.

Wrapped Poses

I generally start every session with wrapped poses, because babies like to be swaddled. Wrap them up tight in a pretty little bundle and put them in baskets and buckets and on fluffy flokatis. It’s adorable. Most babies love being wrapped up tight so even if they show up grumpy, they’ll generally settle when swaddled and fall asleep. This little guy was not into his photoshoot. In fact, the first time we tried, he got sent to the ER with suspected respiratory distress and that was before I’d even gotten anywhere near posing him. When he came back, he was still not very happy with me, so we did what we do and followed his lead. We did end up with some really cute open eye images before he finally fell asleep. His entire session ended up being wrapped because he did not take kindly to being unswaddled or having his little fingers fiddled with. But since he’s in charge, we went with it. Some little ones don’t love to be swaddled, I don’t understand them, I still like to be swaddled, but those babies usually want to wiggle. Since it’s hard to pose a wiggly baby, if wrapping doesn’t work, we move on to parent posing.

Babies Love Mom and Dad

The wiggly babies just want to interact, and the ones they’re most comfortable with are mom and dad. If wrapping doesn’t do the trick, some cuddle time with parents will! Parent posing with sleepy babies is great, but nothing beats capturing some eye contact with mom or a smile at dad. Wiggly babies are less of a posing risk when mom and dad’s hands are keeping them safe and secure. When this dude was tired of putting up with me trying to wrangle his little hands, it was pretty clear, and we moved on to parent posing. He settled down immediately in mom’s hands and we got some gorgeous backlit images. This is all to say, don’t worry about baby being unsettled for their session, we’ll get there in the end and you’ll have a beautiful gallery to look back on for years to come.