Tips for a Beautiful Session

This is not a How to look skinny in photos post, this is a how to end up with gorgeous images post. I don’t have a how to look skinny post, in case you’re wondering. Your body has done a lot for you, love it the way it is! But that’s a whole other post. These are some tips I’ve curated over the years to make your outdoor session fun, beautiful, and show stopping! Most of these tips have to do with the time of day, outfit choices, and general attitude going into your session. Let’s get into it!

Time of Day

I’ve said it before, and I’ll never stop saying it: GOLDEN HOUR. The light during golden hour is flattering on absolutely everyone and gives you that warm, happy glow. Also, in the Summertime it’s a little cooler in the early evening and in the Winter it’s a little warmer, because you’ve got the sun at your back. Weird, right? I don’t get it either. Shooting into the sun during golden hour also gives you a stunning halo of warm sunlight that really makes you stand out as the subject and focus of the landscape. With any luck (just kidding, I planned it this way) we’ll be in front of a grove of trees and the sunlight will stream through the leaves like a painting. Everyone will look glowy and warm and happy.

Outfits are Important

I know it’s the most stressful part of planning a family session is picking outfits for 3+ people each with their own opinions and styles. I have a whole post about how to curate the perfect family session ensemble here, but for now these are the most important things: comfort, movement, patterns. First of all, comfort. I want everyone to be comfortable, if anyone is uncomfortable it ruins it for everyone. It’s miserable being told what to do AND not being able to move around like you want. This means something different for everyone, so try to make choices based on what makes everyone happy. Next up, movement. This usually only applies to the girls, because girls have the best clothing. There, I said it. I want flowy things, at least one flowy thing. I want a peasant skirt over a pencil skirt, I want cardigan over a pull over, I want wide leg pants, not skinny jeans. There’s a time and a place for a bodycon dress, and this is not it, my friends. Movement can be achieved in a lot of ways, but the movement of your clothing is an easy way to create an atmosphere of easygoing fun. And that’s what we’re going for here, we’re just having casual fun in a field and aren’t we a gorgeous family? Yes. And finally, patterns. Please don’t try to mix patterns today, this is also not the time for that. Too many patterns confuse my lens and the poor thing can’t see straight. And we’re focusing on your beautiful faces, not trying to figure out if that’s a lobster or a red dog.

Get Into It

We’re here to have a good time and take some pictures. No pressure. No screaming. Maybe some light scolding from me if your husband isn’t paying attention. So, if you could try your level best to come in a good mood, or at the very least come in a neutral mood and then laugh at my jokes. Just be open to having fun and everything will be fine. Also, I’m gonna ask what your favorite drinks are, in case that’s something that will make this whole process more fun for you. And that’s it! See? Not much. No primping, no makeup tips. Get show up ready for a good time in loose, comfy clothes. Easy peasy, no?