Professional Photography

When you hire a professional photographer, they’re going to do a lot of legwork, regardless of the style of session you choose. Beyond the obvious difference in price between mini and standard sessions, there are also some others you might want to take into consideration. Depending on what you’re looking for—Christmas cards, updated family photos—you might be better off choosing one over the other.

Mini Sessions are Short

Generally, mini sessions are 30 minutes or less and you either get a set number of images included or purchase images individually. More often than not, they have a theme; Fall, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. Themes sort of put a damper on the versatility of photographs, right? Your Christmas family photo is probably not going to be up year-round, just because it doesn’t match your décor all the time. They’re great for Christmas cards and letters but not necessarily for a fireplace statement piece. Mini sessions are done in one setting, there’s very little variety that can be captured on one set or in a single location.

Custom Photography

On to the good stuff! A custom photography session is much more involved (mostly on my end.) From your inquiry, we’ll talk about the vibe you’re going for, what your personal style looks like, what you’re hoping to commemorate or celebrate with this session, we’ll even talk about your outfit choices and brainstorm together. I’ll spend some time looking for a location that fits what we’re going for and potentially include some props or accessories for the kids. Your location will offer several settings and you’ll be able to change your outfits to breathe some life and variety into your gallery. We’ll do some posed and some lifestyle images and create a session with the specific goal of creating artwork that will fit seamlessly into your home.

My friend Alicia wrote a great blog about the different styles of newborn photography, read it here!